Cross-platform sales strategy: multichannel sales tips


Cross-Platform Sales Strategy

To be successful in the e-commerce world, offering quality products isn’t enough. It also requires an extensive understanding of sales strategies, specifically when you’re active on multiple platforms. Let’s delve deeper into these tips for an effective cross-platform sales strategy.

Understand Your Audience

Every e-commerce platform has its unique user characteristics. For instance, Amazon’s target audience significantly differs from that of or Cdiscount. Therefore, understanding your audience on each platform is critical. Conduct market research, utilize available data from the platforms themselves, and analyze your sales history to gain insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences. Understand their age, gender, location, as well as shopping habits and needs. With this knowledge, you can tailor your product offerings and marketing strategies to each platform, which will increase engagement and, ultimately, sales.

Optimize Your Product Listings

Your listings play a crucial role in your cross-platform sales strategy. Ensure every listing is SEO-optimized with relevant keywords to increase visibility. A sound SEO strategy will help you rank higher in the platform’s search results, leading to increased visibility, higher click and conversion rates, and thus more sales!

Additionally, attractive product photos and engaging product descriptions are vital for attracting and retaining potential customers. Don’t forget to utilize all the available product attributes and categories specific to each platform. This contributes to better product presentation and higher ranking in search results.

Moreover, a well-curated product listing builds trust with potential customers, leading them to make a purchase more quickly.

Manage Your Inventory Efficiently

Efficient inventory management is essential when selling on multiple platforms to prevent overselling and ensure customer satisfaction. Use a centralized inventory management system or multi-channel management software to monitor your inventory levels and automatically update your product listings on all platforms. These systems can help you maintain synchronization across different channels, leading to fewer errors, improved customer service, and smoother operations.

Understand the Complexity of European VAT

When selling on multiple platforms and in different countries, compliance with VAT rules becomes a significant challenge. It’s crucial to understand the VAT rules and rates in every country where you’re active. If not, you risk fines and even penalties. Since these rules often change, it’s advisable to invest in a VAT management software provider that keeps you updated with changes.

For example, if you’re selling to customers in different EU countries and your cross-border sales exceed 10,000 euros annually, you can register for the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) system. This system allows you to make VAT declarations and payments in your own country, which then distributes the VAT across the relevant EU member states. It’s a convenient scheme, but it still requires knowledge and understanding of the specific VAT rules in each country where you’re selling.

Staxxer can help here: our software tells you exactly how much VAT you owe in each country. Additionally, we can also handle your European VAT returns (including the OSS return), so you never miss a deadline and get a fine. And if you want to expand to another country, we keep you compliant: you can also request European VAT registrations with us.


The success of a cross-platform sales strategy lies in understanding your audience, optimizing your product listings, managing your inventory efficiently, and navigating the complex world of European VAT rules. By carefully managing these aspects, you can grow your e-commerce business and increase your revenue.

Do you need help navigating this complex world of European VAT? Please contact us for personal advice.

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