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How do you register for Amazon FBA?

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you can choose to sell your products on Amazon. Because the marketplace is evermore invested in expanding their worldwide reach, selling through Amazon is definitely something to consider.  You can opt for multiple methods if you want to sell on Amazon. But, in all cases you need to have an Amazon […]

The consequences of Amazon’s launch in Belgium on your VAT registrations

Amazon has been on an expansion drift lately. Because of this, the retailer plans to launch its platform for e-commerce in five new countries by early next year. Although their expansion to Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, and South Africa might be interesting when it comes to the potential of the marketplace, Amazon’s launch in Belgium might […]

E-commerce and taxes: should your company automate VAT compliance?

As the saying goes, only two things are certain in life. One of them being taxes. Paying them is one thing, but the process of maintaining your compliance with changing tax legislation is another. Depending on the situation of your company, dealing with these different obligations can be pretty difficult. Especially when you’re an e-commerce […]

Interview with UX designer Alex about the redesign of Staxcloud

How are Staxxer’s platforms made user friendly? A conversation with our front-end developer As a customer of Staxxer and user of Staxxcloud, the design of our platforms is the first thing that you interact with. First impressions are important, so at Staxxer we put great value on creating an easy-to-use platform. A platform that looks […]

PAN European VAT numbers and Amazon FBA

Do you sell products through Amazon in Europe? Then you can (and probably should) opt for PAN European Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) using PAN EU VAT identification numbers. But what does this all mean? What is Amazon PAN European FBA? This entails that Amazon takes care of your logistics – shipments, returns, customer service, invoicing […]

Amazon VAT issues for sellers on Amazon EU

As a busy entrepreneur you have managed to successfully set up your e-commerce business in an EU country! A logical next step would be to expand the reach of your product by distributing through an established online retailer such as Amazon EU. Below we address how to navigate the proper VAT channels as a first-time […]

Everything you need to know about the One Stop Shop

Anyone who dives into the complicated world of European VAT legislation inevitably stumbles upon the One Stop Shop (OSS) – sometimes referred to as the one-stop-shop scheme or union scheme and the Mini One Stop Shop scheme (MOSS). Anyone who also wants to conduct business internationally will need this vital knowledge on the one stop […]

What is Intrastat and how to submit an Intrastat declaration?

Every EU-wide or international e-commerce seller will encounter the term Intrastat at some point. But what is Intrastat and how do you submit an Intrastat declaration? Are you an online seller required to submit monthly Intrastat declarations and feeling a little lost? In this blog post we’ll explain what you need to know and the ins […]

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