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Are you stuck with filing VAT returns in Europe? Or are you having trouble with the new One Stop Shop (OSS) regulation? Then Staxcloud is the VAT tool that helps you save hours. Staxcloud calculates your VAT due per country and is used to file VAT returns quickly and accurately.Curious about how Staxcloud works?


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EU VAT in 1 dashboard

One VAT dashboard in which you immediately see how much VAT you owe per country. Wherever you sell. Staxcloud simplifies the filing of VAT returns in Europe.

1 Stop Shop

Simplify your One Stop Shop (OSS) filings. Staxcloud creates one report that helps you do your One Stop Shop (OSS) filings easy, and accurately.

1 Excel file

And not 10. With Staxcloud it is possible to export all your VAT data in one Excel file and use it to file your VAT returns.

Marketplaces for all

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"Omdat we veel via FBA verkopen lopen we regelmatig tegen btw vraagstukken aan. Staxxer helpt ons daarmee. Fijne service en duidelijke taal, aanrader!"

"Tried to work with Amazon VAT Service, what a disaster. The guys from Staxxer took over and wow!!"

"It's simple, friendly, and it works."

"Mijn boekhouder had geen idee hoe om te gaan met internationale btw regels. Staxxer heeft ons uit de brand geholpen."

"Jonas was always responding whenever we need him. 10/10 service."

File VAT yourself

You can use Staxcloud to file VAT returns yourself. Then you pay according to your Staxcloud usage. Try Staxcloud now for free for 30 days!

0 – 2.000 €90
2.000 – 5.000 €120
5.001 – 10.000 €160
10.001 – 20.000 €200
20.001+ Custom

Monthly Staxcloud fee dependent on the amount of transactions done.

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Outsource your VAT returns

Let Staxxer file VAT returns with Staxcloud. From €69 per VAT return + your monthly Staxcloud usage. Free up to 250 transactions p/m.

0 – 250 Free
250 – 1.000 €20
1.000 – 2.000 €40
2.000 – 5.000 €80
5.000 – 20.001 €200

Monthly Staxcloud fee for Staxxer clients. Do you also want Staxxer to file your VAT returns?

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Do you want to have Staxxer file your VAT returns for you? We are happy to help. Request your custom VAT quote now.

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