VAT number registration


Do you need a local VAT number because you have inventory stored abroad? Selling via FBA on Amazon? Or because you have exceeded certain European VAT thresholds? Then let us register a VAT number for you.

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In which countries can you apply for a VAT number?
  • Pan-European FBA; 6-8 weeks.
  • Germany (4-6 weeks);
  • England (4-6 weeks);
  • France (6-9) weeks);
  • Czech Republic (4-6 weeks);
  • Spain (4-6 weeks), includes NIE number;
  • Poland (4-6 weeks);
  • Italy (4-6 weeks);
  • Belgium (4-6 weeks);
For which purposes can I use this VAT number? Your new EU VAT number can be used for any business purpose. Think of e-commerce usage such as selling on Amazon, Ebay, Zalando, Shopify or your own webshop. Or because you have a local business that requires a local VAT number. When do you need a VAT number? As soon as you store inventory abroad or exceed certain European VAT thresholds. Having a EU VAT number is mandatory and can have some serious negative consequences when lacking one when required. Think about high fines and deactivation of certain e-commerce platform accounts such as on Amazon. Which countries are included in the Pan-European VAT registration?  When selling on Amazon FBA you can choose to go all out by selling via Pan-European. In our Pan-European VAT registration the following VAT numbers are included:
  1. Germany
  2. Poland
  3. Czech Republic
  4. France
  5. Italy
  6. Spain
Do you also provide VAT returns after receiving a VAT number? As soon as you have received your VAT number, it is mandatory to periodically submit a VAT return, regardless of whether you make any sales or not. Let us take care of that for you. Contact us today for more information.

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