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The power of subscriptions and repeat purchases

    As an (e-commerce) entrepreneur, you’re always in search of that game-changer that will propel your business into further prosperity. In a world dominated by digitalization, you constantly seek models that are not only profitable but also sustainable. I would like to present you with two words: subscriptions and repeat purchases. These two strategies […]

Cross-selling and upselling: sell more to existing customers

As an e-commerce seller, you’re constantly seeking ways to boost your business’s profitability. Increasing the average order value through cross-selling and upselling is an often-overlooked strategy. Yet, when executed correctly, it can significantly enhance outcomes. So, how do you approach these strategies in a way that boosts both customer satisfaction and sales? Let’s delve deeper. […]

Setting up OSS on Shopify: four simple steps

OSS, or One-Stop-Shop, is a European Union scheme that makes it easier for e-commerce sellers to manage their VAT declarations for sales within the EU. This system allows sellers to handle VAT declarations in one member state for all cross-border sales within the EU, provided you exceed the annual €10,000 in distance sales. This significantly […]

E-commerce platforms in Europe: which one suits you best?

  For e-commerce sellers aiming to broaden their business horizons and enter the European market, selecting an appropriate e-commerce platform is a crucial first step. This platform should not only be user-friendly and align with your needs as an entrepreneur, but also comply with various local regulations, including those tricky cross-border VAT issues. Let’s take […]

E-commerce and mental health: whose responsibility is it?

The digital age has transformed shopping, it is more of a revolution driven by e-commerce. However, this boundless shopping experience, available 24/7, has not only changed the way transactions are conducted but also raises critical questions about its impact on our mental health. Especially in light of consumption-driven dissatisfaction, a phenomenon increasingly gaining attention in […]

Navigating language barriers in the e-commerce world

Language barriers can be a real headache, especially when your (potential) customer base stretches from Helsinki to Lisbon. But how do you arrange a multilingual customer service without breaking your bankaccount? How do you even organize customer contact in a multilingual environment? Automatic translations: friend or foe? Automatic translation tools, once the subject of hilarity […]

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Europe

  We’ve previously discussed waste legislation in Europe, focusing mainly on Germany with articles about VerpackG and ElektroG. If you sell in Germany and need a refresher on the regulations, we recommend revisiting those pieces. They also cover the mandatory EPR registration needed for Amazon. But did you know that each EU member state has […]

Selling online on marketplaces or your own webshop?

  Speed and convenience reign supreme in today’s consumer landscape, with large marketplaces like Amazon catering to these consumer demands. These giants have extensive reach and offer an all-in-one shopping experience. In contrast, smaller, independent online shops are battling for visibility and conversion. An interesting battle to take a closer look at. Marketplaces: the powerhouses […]

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