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German VAT Declarations


When do you have to file German VAT returns?

In Germany, VAT returns must be filed monthly or quarterly, depending on the size of the business. You can file your VAT return electronically via the Elster system, a free online tool offered by the German tax authorities.

When filing your VAT return, you have to report on the VAT calculated and paid. You also have to pay any VAT due to the tax authorities. In the first year, you do this 13 times; every month (12x) and an annual return. After the first year, you can do this 5 times a year; quarterly and an annual statement.

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What do I need to file my German VAT return?

If you have to file a German VAT return, you need a German VAT number. Don’t own this one yet? Then we are happy to help you with the application for your German VAT number.Declarations in Germany are made through the online portal called Elster. You will have to register yourself for this before we can do the VAT return for you.

How much does it cost to have my German VAT return done?

Running your international e-commerce business deserves your attention. To do your German VAT return yourself, you need quite a bit of knowledge of the German tax system, the German language and the required documentation. As a result, most entrepreneurs find their tax administration enormously time-consuming and complicated.

Our Staxxers are ready to take your German tax return off your hands. That is so easy, isn’t it? They simply let you know when, and how, you can pay your local VAT. We take care of the rest.

  • Need a monthly German VAT declaration? We take care of that for €69.
  • Would you prefer to submit your German VAT return on a quarterly basis? We can do that for €99.
  • Annual VAT returns are obligatory in Germany. We can do an annual return for you for €149!

Need help filing German VAT returns?

You can schedule an appointment directly below for no-obligation personal advice from one of our VAT experts.