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News: There’s an Amazon Fulfillment Center in the Netherlands


On August 3, Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, opened its first fulfillment center in the Netherlands, located in Almelo. This represents a significant expansion of activities within the Netherlands.

New Phase

Amazon initially operated from a sorting center in Rozenburg, with packages from the nearest fulfillment center in Germany. The new facility in Almelo represents Amazon’s growing commitment to Dutch customers.

The fulfillment center is strategically located near the German border in Businesspark Twente. Its proximity to the border makes integration with the international logistics network much easier.

Increased Employment

With a storage space of 2,200 cubic meters, the new Dutch fulfillment center can process up to 25,000 packages per day. Amazon aims to become the most customer-oriented company in the Netherlands, and this efficiency is an essential step toward that goal.

In addition to enhancing operations, the new facility will provide employment for nearly 170 people in the long term. This is part of Amazon’s broader presence in the Netherlands, including its headquarters in Amsterdam and more than 260 delivery vehicles. Fun fact: about 40 of these are electric.

Expanded Product Range

According to Roeland Donker, Country Manager at Amazon Netherlands, the opening of this local fulfillment center is more than just a logistical advance. “We have grown into one of the leading online stores in the Netherlands,” Donker stated. “This new warehouse enables us to add valuable Dutch and international brands to our selection, deliver their products more quickly, enrich the shopping experience, and reaffirm our commitment since our launch in 2020.”

A Milestone for Amazon

Amazon’s decision to establish a fulfillment center in Almelo had been anticipated. Its realization is seen as a milestone in the company’s ongoing journey in the Dutch market. It reflects more than just a response to the warm reception from local customers; it demonstrates Amazon’s strategic vision and commitment to faster delivery and a wider range of brands.

By aligning with local talent and industry, and investing in infrastructure close to vital international trade routes, Amazon continues to strengthen its presence in the Netherlands, strives for excellence in customer service, and shows a clear vision for the future. The opening of the Amazon fulfillment center in the Netherlands symbolizes this commitment and a significant chapter in Amazon’s European story.

Do You Sell on Amazon?

Then there are some options for fulfillment, including Amazon FBA. If you use FBA, Amazon can now store stock in the Netherlands for you. Don’t forget that you need a VAT number in every country where you store inventory! This also applies if Amazon stores your products for FBA somewhere.

Not sure if you need a VAT number, or want to apply for one in Europe? Schedule a meeting below at your convenience, and you’ll receive personal advice from one of our VAT experts.


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