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The new One Stop Shop (OSS) scheme makes it possible to declare your cross-border sales into one portal. Now you no longer need a VAT registration in every country, unless you store stock there. This makes your One Stop Shop VAT return to your tax authorities a lot easier.
You are required to register for the One Stop Shop (OSS) as soon as you send more than €10,000 per year across the border. You must then declare these sales per quarter. You will be asked exactly how much VAT you have to pay in each European country, depending on the local VAT percentage of your products. Pretty complicated right?
With Staxxer, we automate this process so that entrepreneurs can focus on growing their e-commerce business.
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Connected with your Marketplaces and webshops

Wherever you do business. 

Staxcloud is connected to your Marketplaces and webshops and automates your One Stop Shop (OSS) VAT return to your respective tax authority. Staxcloud is currently fully deployable for:

Soon to be connected with:

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All in one EU VAT Dashboard

Insight, control, and audit proof

Still struggling with 5 different Excel exports? At Staxcloud you get complete insight into your One Stop Shop (OSS) obligations without the manual calculations. Let Staxcloud take care of your work from A to Z.

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We can't make it any simpler

Connect your Marketplaces and webshops, and start automating your One Stop Shop (OSS) filings. 

We know how frustrating VAT compliance can be. Especially when you're running a cross border e-commerce business. With Staxcloud you can now start outsourcing your One Stop Shop (OSS) filings wherever you do business. 

Start saving time and money to focus on your e-commerce business. 

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