UK VAT Registration

UK VAT number registration

English VAT rates

In the United Kingdom you have 2 VAT rates:

  • General or high VAT rate in the United Kingdom = 20%
  • Reduced VAT rate in the United Kingdom = 5%

E-commerce figures United Kingdom

  • English population = 66.65 million
  • 2020: 81.1% of the population in the UK buys online

Top 5 E-commerce Retailers United Kingdom:

  • = €11.97 billion
  • = €6.11 billion
  • = €4.29 billion
  • = €2.91 billion
  • = €2.7 billion

When do you need an English VAT number?

You need an English VAT number if:

  • you sell products from a European country to British customers (export)
  • you sell products from England to countries outside the UK
  • you use Amazon FBA* ( to customers in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

*FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon’s repositories are called “fulfillment centers.”

United Kingdom thresholds

From 1 January 2021, the £70,000 long distance sales threshold will no longer be in effect.

Requesting an English VAT number for Amazon FBA

To sell via Amazon FBA from England you need a local English VAT number and an EORI number. Staxxer can apply for your VAT number in England.

What do I get when I apply for an English VAT number?

When applying for an English VAT number (also called VAT number), you will receive the following documentation from us:

  • VAT number: this is your English VAT number
  • EORI number: you need this identification number (from customs) when doing international business

How can you apply for an English VAT number?

Would you like us to register an English VAT number for you? Our local Staxxers are happy to help and are at your service.

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