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When do you need to file a Polish VAT return?

After applying for a Polish VAT number, you are obliged to file a periodic return for Polish sales tax. The standard return period for VAT in Poland is one calendar month (monthly). However, the VAT reporting period, quarterly or monthly, can be selected by a company when registering using the VAT R form.

If a company chooses to submit quarterly returns, you may still have to make monthly VAT prepayments, depending on your turnover. Only companies with a turnover of less than PLN 5,068,000 are allowed to make quarterly payments. Companies that supply ‘sensitive’ goods, such as steel, fuel and crude gold, have to make monthly declarations and payments.

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What do I need to file my Polish VAT return?

If you have to file a Polish VAT return, you need a Polish VAT number. Don’t own this one yet? Then we will be happy to help you with the application for your Polish VAT number. In Poland, declarations can be submitted electronically or manually to the Polish tax authorities.

How much does it cost to have my Polish VAT return filed?

Running your international e-commerce business deserves your attention. To file your VAT return yourself, you need quite a bit of knowledge of the Polish tax system, the Polish language and the necessary documentation. As a result, most entrepreneurs find their tax administration extremely time-consuming and complicated. Our Staxxers are ready to take care of your VAT return for you. They simply let you know when and how you can pay your local VAT. The rest is arranged by us.

  • We can make sure your Polish VAT returns are always 100% compliant for €129,- per month. 
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Need help filing UK VAT returns?

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