Listing products on Zalando: this is how you do it

Selling on Zalando? Europe’s largest online fashion platform, offers entrepreneurs an excellent opportunity to expand their online business to new markets. However, optimally displaying your products and maximizing sales depend on a number of best practices. Below you will find a comprehensive guide to placing successful product listings on Zalando to (hopefully) boost your sales.

  1. Accurate Product Information

Detailed and correct product information is the foundation of a successful product listing. Make sure to include the product name, an accurate description, available sizes, materials used, care instructions, and the country of production. Providing false or misleading information can not only lead to returns but also generate negative reviews that damage your reputation in the market.

  1. High-Quality Product Images

In the world of online shopping, where customers cannot physically touch or try on the product before they buy it, clear, high-quality images are crucial. The photos should display your product well from various angles, and it’s important that they are optimized for mobile devices. High-quality photos can increase customer trust and improve the conversion rate.

  1. SEO-Friendly Descriptions

Using SEO-friendly product descriptions helps make your products more visible in Zalando’s search results. Implementing relevant keywords in your titles, descriptions, and meta tags can significantly contribute to the findability of your products. Moreover, it helps generate better brand visibility and higher organic traffic flows to your products.

  1. Sensible Pricing Policy

Determining a sensible pricing policy is another key factor to consider. Take into account the current market prices and your cost structure. Prices that are too high can deter potential customers, while prices that are too low can impact your profit margin. It’s important to find a balance that is both profitable for you and attractive to your customers.

  1. Good Inventory Management

Zalando is a platform with a high turnover rate, so good inventory management is essential to avoid unnecessary out-of-stock situations and customer frustrations. Regular updates of your inventory levels ensure that you are always aware of what is available for sale. Having an effective inventory management system can increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your reputation as a reliable seller.

  1. Fast Shipping and Customer Service

In today’s digital world, customers expect fast shipping and responsive customer service. Meeting your shipping obligations and providing assistance when your customers need it can increase overall customer satisfaction. This can lead to positive reviews, which can enhance your reputation and ultimately stimulate repeat purchases.


Implementing these best practices can help you optimize your product listings on Zalando and significantly increase your chance of success. Always pay attention to the needs and expectations of your customers and continuously strive for improvement.

How Staxxer can help you

Successfully selling on Zalando also involves VAT obligations, especially if you’re selling internationally. For example: selling in Germany quickly means a German VAT number and German VAT returns! At Staxxer, we know that the rules are complex. That’s why we are happy to handle your European VAT registrations and returns. Want to know more? Schedule an appointment, and we’ll see which solution best fits your business.

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