We're Staxxer

Our goal? We make international business easy.

Our mission

We make sure…

…that doing business internationally becomes easy. Using our software, you’ll sell worry-free across borders. Our software will make Staxxer a household name for e-commerce entrepreneurs in Europe 5 years from now.

Our vision

We believe that…

…International VAT administration can be easier and more automated through tech. This way we lower the threshold for international sales and your administration is always up to date. Win-win!

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Rooted in our own frustration

We know how complex it is.

Running Spy-Fy, founders Peter and Ties came into contact with complex European VAT regulations. Because if you have international ambitions, you can’t escape them.

These international VAT issues take up a lot of time. Time you would rather use to build your business. So they decided to develop their own automated VAT solution made specifically for the e-commerce industry.

With Staxxer, we want to refresh the dusty image of VAT administration.

Ties den Dekker

CEO Staxxer

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How we make VAT simple

The world of European VAT is complex. You need VAT registrations if you want to stock up somewhere, and certain threshold values to keep an eye on. The new One Stop Shop (OSS) arrangement does not make things easier. In fact, you must now file VAT returns on each foreign sale. This stops online retailers from internationalizing (further). This is very unfortunate, and even unnecessary.

Our portal makes VAT transparent: viewing and submitting European VAT returns becomes easy. It is the ideal application that automatically does VAT calculations for you, and where you are instantly notified of the tax return status. Linked to Amazon, Bol.com and Shopify, among others, Staxxer’s goal is to completely provide and relieve you as an online seller of your VAT needs.


Our brand values

With us, our brand values are central. They determine not only how we work, but also how we interact with you, our customer.

Reliable authority

As VAT experts, we know what we are doing. We make sure you always have insight into your real-time data, and that a professional is there to answer your questions.


Staxxer makes international VAT easy. We keep our communications, content and software open and to the point. We are more accessible than the accountant around the corner!

Quirky innovative

In the fast-paced e-commerce world, innovation is number one, so it is with us. We pay attention to our brand and innovate on efficiency to stay one step ahead of competition.

Getting started at a company with ambition?

It is time for a fresh look btw: away with the old, slow and dusty. We stand for innovation, speed and software-driven service with passion. Does this appeal to you? We would love to get to know you.