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What is the One Stop Shop?

The One Stop Shop (OSS) scheme allows you to declare your cross-border sales in one portal. For example, you no longer need VAT registration in every country unless you stock up there.

You are required to register yourself for the One Stop Shop (OSS) once you sell for more than €10.000,- annually across borders. Then you need to declare these sales quarterly. This asks exactly how much VAT you have to pay in each European country depending on the local VAT rate of your products. Pretty complicated, right?

To summarize:


Everything taken care of from A to Z

European VAT regulations are complex enough. So let Staxxer help and automate your OSS returns.

We can’t make it any simpler: With our software you can see in one overview how much VAT you owe per EU country. Down to the penny.

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Your accounting is probably already done in your country of residence. But your international accounting is just as important!

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All VAT in one overview

Getting started with 5 different Excel exports: recognizable? With Staxxer, you get complete visibility into your One Stop Shop (OSS) obligations without the manual math. Let us take your work off your hands from A to Z.

The benefits

Why Staxxer?

Simple, efficient, and always up-to-date:
With Staxxer, you’re always one step ahead.


Connected to your sales channels.

Staxcloud is connected to your Marketplaces and web shops and automates your One Stop Shop declaration to the Dutch Tax Office. Currently, Staxcloud is fully deployable for:

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Our Staxxers are ready for you!

You will be personally assigned one VAT expert as your contact person. This contact will have direct contact with local tax authorities on your behalf. Kind of easy.

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One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop (OSS) registration

Do you file your One Stop Shop declarations with us? If so, One Stop Shop registration is free.


These companies trust Staxxer