Staxxer and Marketphase become Staxxer together

Relieve the online seller of his European VAT obligations.
That’s what we’re going to do.

By integrating the Staxxer service and the Marketphase software, Staxxer can offer customers an easy and affordable total solution to their VAT problems in Europe. Regardless of where or how the customer does business.

You know it. As an entrepreneur, you want to build, you want to expand and grow. Sell my products in Germany? Why not? Your ideas are endless.

But soon you come up against complex European VAT regulations that you have no understanding of. At Staxxer, we want to make this “VAT must-have” easier and more affordable for the e-commerce market.

Why are Staxxer and Marketphase merging?

To make the e-commerce entrepreneur’s life easier. By combining a top notch VAT service with smart software, we aim to remove the VAT burden from the e-commerce entrepreneur. The software replaces time-consuming Excel work, allowing us to offer a European VAT service not only cheaper, but also more correctly.

What’s on Staxxer’s roadmap?

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  1. Marketphase becomes Staxcloud. A fresh name and look for the software in which you can meet your VAT obligations through one Dashboard. By using Staxcloud, we save the customer a lot of time with data delivery.
  2. More Marketplaces linked., Shopify, Magento and Zalando are just some of the Marketplaces platforms that will be linked under Staxcloud in 2022.
  3. Easier OSS returns. With the Staxcloud software, you can more easily file your One Stop Shop (OSS) return. Export the OSS Reports to get the data you need for the Dutch OSS Tax Portal.
  4. Proforma Invoice exports to easily incorporate your sales, on Amazon for example, into your accounting.
  5. Expansion to multiple countries. As a Dutch company, we know the problems of the Dutch online seller. But the ambition is to be present in other countries as well. The first steps for this will be taken in 2022.
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