The LUCID Register & Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).


The Lucid Register &Amp; Extended Producer Responsibility (Epr)

What is the LUCID registry?

The LUCID register is an online database managed by the German Central Authority Packaging Register(Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister – ZSVR). The purpose of this registry is to provide transparency in the packaging market and ensure that companies comply with the German Packaging Act(VerpackG). This law implements the principles of EPR by making companies responsible for collecting and recycling the packaging they put on the German market.


EPR is an environmental policy that holds producers responsible for the entire life cycle of their products, especially at the end of life. By requiring producers to register in the LUCID register and report on their packaging, the German government is ensuring that companies are actively contributing to a more efficient use of resources and reduced environmental impact.

Why do entrepreneurs need to register with the LUCID registry?

Registration with the LUCID register is required by law for all companies that bring packaged products onto the German market, regardless of their size. This includes manufacturers, online retailers, and importers. The goal is to create a level playing field where all companies contribute to the recycling process, waste reduction, and the environment. By registering, companies not only comply with legislation, but also demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

How can entrepreneurs register?

The registration process is relatively simple and includes the following steps:

  1. Visit the packaging registry website: go to the official ZSVR website and create a user account.
  2. Gather necessary information: have information ready about your company and the packaging you market.
  3. Complete the registration: complete the online registration form with the required company and product information.
  4. Submit annual report: after registering, companies must report annually how much packaging they put on the market, and provide evidence of participation in a certified dual waste management system.


The Lucid Register &Amp; Extended Producer Responsibilty

Consequences of non-compliance

By registering with the LUCID registry, you are not only contributing to the environment, but also strengthening your company’s reputation as a responsible player. This is super important at a time when customers and partners increasingly value sustainability. You show that your company not only cares about profits, but is also serious about the well-being of our planet. This reinforces your customers’ trust and promotes a positive image of your brand.

But what if you don’t take the step of registering? Well, then you run into some serious drawbacks:

  • Fines that hurt the wallet: no one is waiting for unexpected expenses, right? If you don’t register, the fines can be high. Not to mention possible legal sanctions.
  • No access to the German market: imagine: by not registering, you can no longer sell your products in one of the largest markets in Europe. That is one of (the most far-reaching) consequences of not registering for EPR. And you don’t want that.
  • A dent in your reputation: in a world that is becoming ever greener, you don’t want to be known as the company that doesn’t compete. Customers and partners may drop out if they see that you are not contributing to a better world.

In short, by joining the LUCID registry, you are taking a step in the right direction for both the environment and your business.

Need help registering in the LUCID registry?

We fully understand that it can be quite time consuming to figure out everything surrounding EPR and LUCID. That’s why we are happy to help! In a demo, you can put all your questions about EPR, WEEE, ElektroG and even European VAT. Then you’ll also get free advice, tailored entirely to your organization.

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