Top 10 Chrome extensions for Amazon Sellers

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As an Amazon seller, Chrome extensions are useful tools to use. For example, you can use them for product or market research, setting up advertisements, or making your administration easier. We’ll list the best extensions for you.

1. Helium 10

The extension that is at the top for many Amazon sellers is Helium 10. The extension offers many useful tools, which you can find all centrally in the extension. Convenient! Think of: keyword research, discovering products (to maximize your sales opportunities), an overview of consumer demand and access to product insights, reviews, and sales estimates of your (potential) products.

2. Jungle Scout

Looking for an extension for product research? Jungle Scout is a great extension to use. Get accurate insight into the sales estimates of various products: add the extension to Chrome, and see, among other things, the profitability, product demand, and popular keywords. Because the extension is embedded directly in the Amazon rankings, you always have a reliable view of the figures.

3. Amazon Seller Fee Invoices Exporter

It’s great that there are so many extensions that focus on choosing products and sales, but as a business owner, you still have a lot of work to do after the sale. For example, your administration: downloading all your invoices can take a lot of time. This emerging extension makes it easy for you to download all your invoices at once. You can filter your invoices by a certain period, type, and marketplace (country). It’s delivered as a zip file with pdfs. Bonus: you don’t need an extra account!

4. AMZ Scout PRO

Another extension that makes product research easy is AMZScout PRO. With the extension, you can search for any product and immediately see the rank, sales volume, competition, price history, trends, estimated monthly revenue, popular keywords, and more.

5. ZonGuru

The ZonGuru Chrome extension focuses on increasing the performance of your Amazon store by means of an all-in-one toolkit. With this extension, you can easily do product research and gain insight into niches. The exclusive Niche Rater feature helps you determine whether a particular product category is profitable by taking into account factors such as buyer demand, competition chance, investment opportunity, and income potential. Additionally, the extension also offers a profit calculator that enables you to calculate the profit of products that you are not selling yet.

6. Keepa

Keepa is a free Chrome extension designed to help users track the prices of products on Amazon. It provides users with insight into price history, price forecasts, and deals of products on Amazon. With Keepa, you can also set up price alerts, so you are informed of price changes of products that interest you. Keepa also offers a comparison tool that allows you to compare the prices of a product across different sellers. The extension is easy to use and provides users with a quick and efficient way to find the best deals on Amazon. Keepa is a must-have tool for anyone looking for a way to save money while shopping on Amazon.

7. FBA Calculator

FBA Calculator is a chrome extension that allows Amazon sellers to quickly and easily calculate the costs associated with using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This can help sellers make informed decisions about their inventory and pricing, and optimize their profit margins.

The extension allows sellers to enter product size and weight, item price and desired profit margin. Then the extension calculates the FBA costs for storage, handling and shipping, as well as the estimated profit for the item. This information can help sellers decide whether to use FBA for a particular product and how to price the product to do so.

8. Sonar

The way Amazon handles keywords is different from how Google does, which can make finding relevant keywords more challenging. Although it is not an extension but a tool, Sonar offers a solution. It allows you to find specific keywords suitable for Amazon, which you can then use in your product descriptions. The extension has a database of more than 180 million keywords, providing a wide selection of available keywords. In addition, Sonar also allows you to analyze your competitors’ keywords, giving you insight into their performance in the marketplace.

9. Repricer

The standard repricer available in Amazon Seller Central does work, but there is an extension that makes this process even more efficient: This extension offers additional features such as the ability to add visible costs, tags and profit calculations and manage them easily. In addition, you no longer have to worry about uploading purchase costs, as this can be done quickly and easily with this extension.

10. Extensity

To top it off, we have an extension that is designed for exactly this purpose: Extensity helps you pick apart the mash. It’s not an extension for Amazon per se, but it also helps Amazon sellers with productivity and organization. Extensity lets you organize your Chrome extensions so you can use them more easily. A small effort to install, but it’s going to save you a lot of time searching for that one extension among all the others!

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