Belgian VAT Registration

Belgian VAT return

Belgian VAT Rates

VAT rates Belgium:

  • General or high VAT rate in Belgium = 21%
  • Low VAT rate in Belgium = 12% and 6%

E-commerce figures Belgium

  • Belgian population = 11.46 million
  • 2020: 82% of the population in Belgium buys online

Top 5 e-commerce retailers Belgium:

  • = €447 million
  • = € 346 million
  • = €340 million
  • = €239 million
  • = €158 million

Belgian VAT return term: monthly or quarterly

After applying for a Belgian VAT number, you are obliged to periodically file a Belgian turnover tax return. The frequency of VAT returns in Belgium depends on the level of trade. The standard declaration term is monthly, but companies can request to file a quarterly declaration if their turnover is less than € 2.5 million per year. There are exceptions to this and monthly returns are required in the following circumstances:

  • turnover from deliveries of computers, mobile telephones, mineral oils or motor vehicles exceeds € 250,000 per year and/or
  • the turnover from intra-Community supplies exceeds EUR 50,000 in the current or one of the four previous quarters.

Companies are also required to submit an annual sales list with an overview of domestic B2B deliveries where the annual delivery exceeds €250.

What do I need to file my Belgian VAT return?

If you have to file a Belgian VAT return, you need a Belgian VAT number. Don’t own this one yet? Then we are happy to help you with the application for your Belgian VAT number. The Belgian Ministry of Finance requires VAT returns to be submitted electronically using the INTERVAT application. This can be found on the Ministry’s website.

How much does it cost to have my Belgian VAT return filed?

Running your international e-commerce business deserves your attention. To file your Belgian VAT return yourself, you need quite a bit of knowledge of the Belgian tax system and the necessary documentation. As a result, most entrepreneurs find their tax administration extremely time-consuming and complicated. Our Staxxers are ready to take care of your Belgian VAT return for you. They simply let you know when and how you can pay your local VAT. The rest is arranged by us.Do you sell via 1 platform (for example Amazon, Zalando, Shopify, Ebay or your own webshop)?

Do you sell through multiple platforms?

  • Then we will arrange your Belgian VAT return for only € 119.95.

Need help with your Belgian VAT return or don’t feel like arranging it yourself?

We are happy to help and are at your service!

Belgian VAT return