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Automate your VAT Filings.

Wherever you sell in Europe, we make it simple and efficient. Our software ensures that as an e-commerce seller, you no longer need to spend time on your VAT filings. Connect all your sales channels and automate your European VAT compliance.

Expanding into a new market?

Expanding into a new market? Then you need a VAT registration. No problem, we’ll take care of those for you!

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Why entrepreneurs choose Staxxer

We calculate down to the penny how much VAT you owe in each country and take care of the declaration process from A to Z. With Staxxer, you get more time to grow, freedom and insight. Automate your European VAT returns now for worry-free compliance.


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Do you have inventory stored abroad because you sell through Amazon FBA, for example, or use a European fulfillment center? Then you need an European VAT registration in that country! Save yourself the paperwork and let us apply for your VAT registration.

Where can I use the VAT registration?

You can use the VAT number for any business purpose. For example, when selling through Amazon,, Shopify or another platform. The number is also valid if you are going to do business locally that requires a European VAT number.

If you have a VAT registration abroad, you will also have to file VAT returns there. How often and when to do so, depends on the country. It can be monthly, or quarterly.

We understand that you don’t feel like doing all the VAT administration. So leave it to us: link your sales accounts to Staxcloud, so we can always accurately file your European VAT return. Then you won’t spend any more time on VAT returns.

July 1, 2021, the One Stop Shop went into effect, also known as the One-Stop Shop system. Do you sell more than €10,000.- across borders every year? Through this new regulation, you declare your VAT of all the countries in which you do business at once. If you have all your stock in your country of residence, you no longer need a VAT number in those other countries. In the One Stop Shop declaration, you declare every cross-border sale within the EU.

That involves quite a bit of math. Especially if you sell through multiple platforms! We’ve come up with something on that: you can link all your sales channels (Amazon,, Shopify and more) to Staxcloud. This way you always have all your VAT data at hand, and within 5 minutes you have your One Stop Shop declaration arranged. Staxcloud does the calculations, and our Staxxers handle the declaration further. Handy right?

We can arrange VAT registration for you in any EU country, and do VAT returns for you in any EU country.

Don’t see your country listed on our product page? If so, contact support and we’ll see what we can do.

You need a VAT number when you store stock in another EU country or when you go over a country’s threshold amount. You need to keep an eye on this: especially if you sell through marketplaces such as Amazon, or Shopify. Not sure if you need a VAT number? Let’s have a chat. We can also apply for a VAT number for you.
The One Stop Shop (OSS) arrangement allows you to declare your cross-border sales in one portal. For example, you no longer need VAT registration in every country unless you stock up there. Do you sell more than €10,000,- annually to other EU countries? Then you qualify for the One Stop Shop. Sign up for the One Stop Shop can be done through “My Tax Business”. Your sales should then be reported quarterly in your One Stop Shop declaration. Here you specify how much VAT you have to pay in each European country, depending on the local VAT rate of your products.

If you send more than €10.000,- annually across borders, you can use the One Stop Shop. Registration is not mandatory, but it makes VAT administration a whole lot easier. After all, you can declare all your sales in one portal, and no longer need foreign VAT numbers if you don’t have stock there.

If you declare your VAT through the One Stop Shop, but also have stock in another EU country, you still need a VAT number there. The One Stop Shop is primarily intended for marketplace sellers who ship from their (for example) Dutch stock to other countries. Want to save time and let us do your One Stop Shop declaration?

As a seller on Amazon, you have the choice to opt for Amazon FBA: this way, you distribute your inventory across Amazon’s European fulfillment centers in a snap. A good option if you want to go international! With FBA, your products also get to customers faster, and you have a better chance of winning the Buy Box. If you choose Amazon Pan European FBA, Amazon will distribute your inventory across several countries. Because you’re stocking up there, you need a VAT number in each of those countries. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve put those countries into one package. You get a VAT number for each Pan-European country, so you can start selling right away. Our package includes one:
  • German VA