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Amazon’s A10 Algorithm (2023): Improve your Listings


An important part of achieving sales on Amazon is scoring high in search results. After all, if buyers see your products on the first page, they are more likely to buy because they simply don’t have the patience to search through 10 pages before they come across your product. But to get there, you have to be aware of Amazon’s algorithms. Let’s break down everything you need to know about Amazon’s A10 algorithm to help you rank higher with your Amazon products.

What is the Amazon A10 algorithm, and how does it impact my Amazon products?

Amazon has its own search algorithm that determines which products top the search results. Previously, this algorithm was called Amazon A9; Amazon A10 works in much the same way, but with a few key differences. Amazon A10 puts more emphasis on buyer searches and their relevance than Amazon A9 did. While A9 directed users to more profitable products, A10’s focus has shifted to giving more accurate results, even if the product isn’t as profitable.

Sponsored links do not generate as much interest or success with A10 as they did with A9, so things like pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns will be less successful than with A9. But that doesn’t mean PPC campaigns are irrelevant: there’s still a lot to gain! You just have to be more strategic and smarter.

Why is A10 so important for my Amazon products? The main factors Seller authority is now one of the most important factors, which means that pursuing (positive) feedback is now even more important than with A9. It also means that your presence on Amazon makes a difference (the longer active, the better), as does a low return rate and efficient return management.

Another aspect of seller authority is the diversity and size of your inventory. A wide range of products tells Amazon that you can serve more users because you can meet more needs.

Use your Amazon link for products to direct traffic to your listings and make optimal use of A10, as this is much more effective than PPC campaigns (but don’t completely ignore PPC campaigns either). Amazon appreciates it when users learn about your products elsewhere and come to the platform, so add backlinks to your website, blog, forums, and other platforms you use.

Is your inventory moving slowly, or is there a dip in sales? Don’t ignore this! Your goal is to ensure you have a solid sales history. A10 sees this as an important factor for placing your products high.

But don’t stop at the CTR, the conversion rate also matters. If buyers click on your products but don’t make a purchase, identify the problem and solve it so you can rank higher.

In addition, you can focus on the click-through rate (CTR). This is influenced by good photos and strong (product) texts. The higher your CTR, the higher you usually rank in the search results. Also, don’t forget about the conversion rate: if potential buyers do click on your products but don’t buy, find out what the problem is. If you solve this, it’s obviously good for your ranking.

Tips to rank your Amazon products higher with the A10 algorithm

Here are the best tips you can use to get the most out of A10.

  • Good visuals: take professional photos that meet Amazon’s image requirements. With great photos, users will stop, take a second look, and click on your listing, with CTR being one of the main factors in A10 for increasing search rankings.
  • Good product texts: refine your text so it reads well and clearly, but also includes relevant keywords.
  • SEO keywords: speaking of keywords, use them well, widely, and wisely. Your goal is to provide as much (relevant) information in your listings as possible to help A10 accurately match your products to buyers’ searches.
  • Reconsider discounts: think twice aboutusing discounts and promotions as a way to rank higher and generate more traffic. That was more of an A9 thing, and not nearly as important with A10. Instead, focus on off-site traffic and good organic Google rankings.
  • Good pricing: put good pricing rules in place to present the most competitive and attractive prices. You don’t want to get caught up in a race to the bottom and you don’t want to offer too-good-to-be-true deals (something that’s 75% off is more suspicious than tempting).
  • Reviews: make sure you get reviews! It can be frustrating to chase after buyers and get them to leave a review, but it has a strong influence on the buying process.
  • Multinational approach: if you’re selling products in different countries within Europe, it’s important to consider the cultural differences and language differences in your listing. This may mean translating or adapting your product descriptions to local customs and preferences.
  • Use Enhanced Brand Content (EBC): If you’re a brand owner and approved for Amazon’s Brand Registry, you can use EBC to enrich your product descriptions with higher quality images, better formatting, and improved text placements.
  • Take advantage of Amazon FBA: With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you can leave the logistics and shipping to Amazon. This can contribute to higher visibility and winning the “Buy Box” because Amazon prefers FBA sellers for this prominent placement.
  • Analyze your competition: look at the best-selling products in your category to see how they optimize their listings. You can glean valuable insights for your own strategy from this.
  • Use A/B testing: try different versions of your listing to see which performs best. You can test different titles, product descriptions, images, and more to see what is most effective.


In a nutshell, the Amazon A10 algorithm places more emphasis on the experience and needs of the buyer than its predecessor, the A9. By aligning your Amazon listing approach with this change, you can make your products more visible and increase your sales success.

How Staxxer can help

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