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How can I apply for a LUCID number (EPR)?


Since the introduction of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) on Jan. 1, 2019, applying for the LUCID number has become an essential step for companies placing packaging on the German market. Managed by the Central Organization Packaging Registry, the LUCID number plays a crucial role in verifying compliance with VerpackG regulations. Nevertheless, it appears that many companies have not registered, or have registered incorrectly. This article provides a clear overview of the obligations and explains how to successfully apply for a LUCID number.

Applying for a LUCID number: step by step

Correct LUCID number registration is not only mandatory but also crucial to avoid penalties. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the LUCID registration page: start by accessing the official LUCID registration page for producers.
  2. Create Account: Follow the instructions to create an account. Confirm your details within 24 hours via the verification email.
  3. Enter Main Data: After confirmation, you must enter your company’s main data in your LUCID account.
  4. Arrange a license: Make sure your packages are licensed through a dual system, such as offered by Interseroh+ through Lizenzero, if you have not already done so.
  5. Communication with your dual system: Provide your LUCID registration number to the dual system and enter its name in your main data on LUCID.
  6. Data Reporting: Report your licensed packaging volumes for the current year in the “Data Reporting” tab.

Is it mandatory?

Any manufacturer or trader who introduces sales packaging that eventually ends up as waste with private consumers must comply with the VerpackG and register with LUCID.

A man with a trash can icon on a white background with the LUCID number requests.

Important points to consider when applying for LUCID number

The LUCID packaging registry ensures that companies contribute to the cost of recycling packaging. The information you enter is essential for accurate registration. Consider:

  • Responsible person of the company
  • Contact details of one contact person
  • Email & password for account
  • Company address, VAT number and national id number
  • List of all brand names under your company


The LUCID register is crucial for the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme in Germany. It promotes transparency and ensures compliance with legislation, contributing to corporate sustainability and accountability. The registry also encourages the use of more sustainable packaging, which benefits both consumers and the environment.


In the context of promoting sustainability and complying with environmental regulations, the LUCID number plays a crucial role for companies operating in the German market. Successfully applying for a LUCID number is not only a legal requirement, but also marks an important step toward environmental responsibility and contributing to the circular economy.

By participating in a dual system and accurately reporting your packaging volumes, you contribute to more efficient and effective packaging recycling. This process highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in business, while providing opportunities to innovate in packaging design and use. Let applying for your LUCID number be a step in your commitment to a more sustainable business and a cleaner planet.

Overview of obligations when applying for LUCID number

In summary, you must meet three core obligations:

  • Registration requirement: Ensure complete registration in the LUCID packaging register.
  • System participation requirement: Participate in a dual packaging recycling system.
  • Data reporting requirement: Report your packaging volumes and the name of your dual system in LUCID.

Need help with your LUCID number registration?

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