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UK VAT number


Do you need a VAT number because you stock up abroad, for example? Or do you sell through marketplaces such as Amazon, Zalando, Ebay or Otto? Or because you exceed European thresholds? If so, we can request it for you.

Do you want to enter new international markets worry-free? Then let us apply for your VAT number, we’ll take care of the administrative hassle!

When should I register for a UK VAT identification number?

It’s not always clear when you need a British VAT number, so we’ve researched it for you. You need a British VAT number if:

You sell products from the Netherlands (or any other country) to British customers (export).

You sell products from England to countries outside the UK.

You use Amazon FBA* ( to serve customers in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

*FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon, and Amazon’s storage facilities are referred to as “fulfilment centers”.

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On average 10-12 weeks

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8-12 weeks

Staxxer Austria

6-8 weeks

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On average 4-6 weeks

Staxxer Netherlands

2-4 weeks

Staxxer Europe

Amazon FBA

How can you apply for VAT registration?

A VAT number (UstId.Nr) is your fiscal identification in Germany. You need this number to legally sell products through Amazon FBA from a German distribution center. Without this number, your account will be blocked immediately, so it’s crucial to get this sorted before you start selling.

The application for foreign businesses with the German tax office requires some preparation. First, you need to obtain a tax number, Steuernummer, from the local Finanzamt Kleve in Germany. With that number, you can then apply for your UstId.Nr. This process can be done online, via the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern.

Would you rather hand this task over? Contact us and we can submit the application within 24 hours.

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Thomas van Mossel

VAT Consultant

Applying for an English VAT Number for Amazon FBA

You need an English VAT number when you use Amazon’s FBA program and sell in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

If any of these situations apply to you, you can apply for your English VAT number through the British tax authorities. English VAT returns are filed once every quarter.

What about Brexit and my VAT affairs?

Brexit has, of course, brought about many changes. Fortunately, the Dutch Tax Authority has explained the VAT situation with Britain and Europe. 


What do I receive when I apply for an English VAT number?

When applying for an English VAT number (VAT Number), you will receive the following documentation from us:

VAT number: This is your English VAT number.

EORI number: This identification number (for customs) is required for international business transactions.


How does the VAT process work?


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UK VAT filings

Staxxer brings clarity and control to your financial operations. True, managing VAT can be daunting.

Consider the varying VAT rates and language hurdles. Typically, you must file your VAT returns with HMRC, and even small mistakes can result in penalties. Plus, think about the time it takes to navigate all these details.

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A UK VAT number is a unique identification number issued to businesses by the UK government for tax purposes. It allows the HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) to track VAT payments and ensure compliance with VAT regulations.

For example, a UK VAT number could look like this: GB123456789

Staxxer can apply for your UK VAT number, taking care of the administrative process. They also offer quarterly UK VAT filing assistance.

Online Verification

HMRC’s VAT Number Checker: HMRC provides an online service to verify UK VAT numbers.

VIES (VAT Information Exchange System): For checking UK VAT numbers as well as VAT numbers from other EU countries.

Contact HMRC

Direct Inquiry: Contact HMRC directly for verification if the online service does not provide a conclusive answer.

Other Verification Services

Third-party Tools: There are several third-party services and software that offer VAT number validation.

Whenever you are verifying a VAT number, ensure you have the correct number and format to check its validity.